So many people asked me about my spiritual path, that I had to think about it. I really think that everything happens for a reason and it is enough to follow our inner guidance and we cannot make mistakes. I followed that inner guidance, but there were signs where to go and they helped me find the right path. These were not always pleasant situations, but we only get things, we are able to handle. I was born physically disabled, but I always think of myself as a normal person with full of possibilities. Disabilities can only be in the mind. I feel that I can do anything, I want. Moreover, sometimes I feel that the world is wilder in this way. Sometimes people stare at me as I walk, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I had some unpleasant experiences, but these were not so bad. I think that there is a reason why I came to this World in this way. I am lucky, because my loved ones accept me and love me the way I am.

I learnt religious studies when I was 7, and I had my final exam in a religious secondary school. So, religion was part of my everyday life. But as a child I could not accept the notion of sin and hell. I was interested in reincarnation during my studies, but this was only mentioned for a short time.

After secondary school, religion and spirituality didn’t matter to me at all. I went to a Silva method course because I didn’t get a job easily and this seemed to be a good help. In those four days I learnt a lot about relaxation and that thoughts create our reality. I used the things I was learning during the course, but I was not mature enough to change my thoughts.

Then from one day to another I had panic attacks. It had more reasons, but I knew that I had to turn to spirituality in order to solve the problem. This was the time when I started to be interested in the esoteric world. I don’t believe in coincidences, so I know that there was a reason finding an article about angels. This gave me hope to have a healthy life again. Then I kept reading about angels and went to an angel course. In that time I got to know the tarot, angel cards and started studying these wonderful devices. I felt myself better and better but I knew that there was something to realize in life.

There came some events in my life that was hard to accept and panics came back again. But I knew, I could handle the situation. I tried more opportunities from homeopathy to essential oils. I got better and better. I could go out from home without anxiety and I started to heal my soul. Flower therapy helped me with this because I realized that nature is pure energy that helps us. This is why we must deal with nature gently.

Healthy eating helps my spiritual development and I will continue this habit. I reduced sugar to the minimum level. As I am going on my way, I feel that I have to nourish my body with the presents of nature. In this way, I can communicate with the higher level more easily.

Loads of books helped me during these years. One of the most beautiful books is The Course in Miracles. It is more than a book. It is a lifestyle. You can read God’s message in the first part, and in the second part there are 365 exercises. This book helps you heal your thoughts. I am making the exercises second time and I am sure that it helps me living a happy life.

My barriers and difficulties showed me that I am responsible for my own life and I have to control my life. I can get heavenly help if I ask, but I am the only one who is responsible. The importance of consciousness is the most important recognition I have ever made.

I hope I can help you answering the questions in your life and to move forward. Everybody deserves a happy life.




Personalized full card reading

9.000 HUF

7.000 HUF

Card reading for one part of life

7.000 HUF

5.000 HUF

Love card reading

7.000 HUF

5.000 HUF

Card reading for a month

5.000 HUF

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Card reading for a week

3.000 HUF

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Birthday card reading for the next solar year

9.500 HUF

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New year card reading

9.500 HUF

8.500 HUF

Card reading, prediction or seeing the future… A lot of people think that these are the same, but there are differences. I like the word ’card reading’ because cards are tools which the heavenly creatures tell us their messages through. Of course, it is not the scene or word on the card that gives the message. It comes from different channels, through feelings, pictures, voices or mental knowing.

These heavenly creatures always give the right messages that you need to know, no less and no more. It can be possible that you wait for a message, but you get absolutely another one. This is not a problem. You have to be open to learn from that, because they always want to see you happy. This is why, you should accept their message.

Card reading cannot be learnt from books. You have to feel it and believe that the right message comes. Ego must be turned off in order to see, hear and feel clearly. There are more methods to do that, e.g.: relaxing, meditating.

Some believes that future can be predicted through cards, but it rather gives advices what to do in a situation to find the right path, the path of happiness.

I don’t take responsibility for the materialization of the card reading, because it depends on the free will.


Tarot was my first big experience on my spiritual journey. I think that card readings are the messages of Heaven, which I give to my client. The scenes on the tarot seduce me and that is a special experience when I get the messages from above.

Tarot has a very long tradition and with it problems can be solved more easily. Cards can be divided into two parts. 22 cards refer to the most important situations of life and the other part refers to the important but more changeable situations. Tarot gives messages and advices how to live a complete and happy life. Because of the free will, I advise you to ask the tarot before big life changes or when you don’t feel secure in your life. Tarot gives help to choose the right direction. As tarot opens up the eyes for the truth, it gives possibility to a happy life.


Angels are heavenly creatures full of love. They always help you, but only when you ask them. In other case they only help in emergency situations. Your guardian angels are always with you, and with your permission they make your life path easier. They help to live a happy, joyous and calm life. You all have two guardian angels and this number can be increased, especially when you are in situations with big changes.

Archangels help you in different parts of your life. Archangel Michael helps you with protection and Archangel Raphael with physical and mental healing. Archangel Jophiel helps you to have beautiful thoughts to create a wonderful life. Archangel Chamuel helps you to find lost things, persons (for example soul mate) in the right time.

Angel cards

Angels cards are very tender and with full of love. Their messages are like someone lovingly whispers the answer to you. They don’t only answer to your questions, but give you support to make life happier. They don’t urge you because they know, you need time. If they give you repetitive messages, these are important signs because they want to see you happy.

There are different types of angel cards. My favourites are the angel tarot decks, which are very accurate and loving tools. There are other types, too. For example love and life purpose card decks. These can be used with tarot to give more accurate messages.


Flowers are the presents of nature. They are unique, so they affect different parts of life. Because of their uniqueness, they can give you messages what to change in life in order to heal and reach happiness. They can be used as live flowers, fragrances, essential oils and as pictures, too (if you don’t have the possibility to own the flower). With the flower therapy card deck questions can be answered. These are so strong messages that can change life.